I am trying to take advantage of my current enthusiasm for NaNoWriMo to get my outline at least … outlined before I lose momentum and start hating myself again. However, my laptop is a vortex of distraction. I need a plain old word processor like the one I had in high school, with a tiny blue and white monochrome screen and absolutely no Internet.

So far tonight, I have clicked away from the Google Docs tab in my browser to: read about a total stranger’s not-very-entertaining account of her recent root canal; check Facebook lest I miss a crucial status update; Google for a picture of a particular Rubbermaid tote; send two emails to Parent Hacks with clever tidbits that will never be published, one of which has to do with the Rubbermaid tote; and read a Wikipedia entry about Sons of Anarchy. When I returned to Google Docs after all this, I decided I couldn’t start my outline until I’d created a spreadsheet to track NaNo word count. A critical task that could not wait.

Now that all that stuff is out of the way, I am going to start the outline. After a quick detour to the fridge. And a tiny super fast minute of playing Chain Factor.


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