I don’t know how long I can keep up the trend of one-word gerund titles for my blog posts. Maybe I have already run that into the ground.

Last night, as I mentioned in Testing, I did a trial run for NaNoWriMo. I set the timer for 60 minutes and wrote some random fiction that is unrelated (very unrelated) to my NaNo novel idea. I didn’t go back and edit or fix typos, which just about killed me. After 30 minutes, I had written just under 1000 words. After 60 minutes, I had just over 2000 words.

I think I can do this. I think.


3 responses to “Counting

  1. 2000 Words in an hour, I’m very impressed. I average about half that if my mind decides to cooperate.

    Good Luck with the novel.

  2. Make no mistake, it was 2000 words of crap. But at least I know I can do it if necessary.

  3. Look at you go! 2ooo words in an hour? You can totally do this!