The rainy season began yesterday morning, held off for the Halloween costume parades and trick-or-treating, and started back up again with enthusiasm sometime in the night. It’s been raining steadily all day, and since we Californians melt if we get wet, I decided to stay in and declare National Do Nothing Day (NaDoNoDa). Do nothing other than sit on the couch next to the fake fireplace and browse around the Internet, that is.

I still haven’t added to the sad ~1300 words I wrote this morning before 10 am, but I have researched a new vacuum cleaner, stolen candy out of my kids’ bags, fed them mini corn dogs to distract them from my pile of empty Tootsie Roll wrappers, and re-ordered the birthday gifts for my nieces that I accidentally shipped to myself (2,500 miles from the intended destination of Detroit, MI). Fisher-Price Little People airplane, anyone?


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