This morning I woke up and realized my character has twice as many roommates as she can handle. I also realized that one of the roommates is in love with her, or at least has a big crush, and that she should hook up with the other roommate before she leaves for her big adventure. How very 90210 of me.

After I had these revelations, I went back and made a couple of changes. Clearly, I am doing too much editing; I’m supposed to be adding to my word count, not subtracting (those extra roommates were good for padding the total). But I couldn’t really proceed with so many people hanging around that house.

Now I need to focus on moving forward instead of going back and fiddling around. I have figured out that the long-term love interest is James and he has been evolving easily, probably because he is not based on anyone in my actual experience. This leads me to believe I need to take all the characters off the track a little and see where they lead me, rather than trying to keep them in line.


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