Turning it Off

Some of my writer’s block comes from not being able to toggle between two extremes: writing all the time and not writing at all. When I’m involved in a project – no matter what it is – and I’m in full-speed-ahead mode, all I can think about is the project. I feel agitated when I’m forced to do anything else. This goes for everything from cleaning out a closet to, say, writing a novel.

As a parent, I’m always being pulled away from whatever I’m doing, with little notice. So I avoid getting too entrenched in anything, lest I have to shift gears. And if I’m not entrenched, I lose interest quickly.


One response to “Turning it Off

  1. Can identify with this, and quite a few blogging writers have mentioned it. Must read up on it; guess its something to do with depth of right brain trance states. All the best with Nanowrimo, I had a job signing in yesterday.