Brilliance to Go

To combat my tendency to go all-or-nothing on a project – in this case, NaNo – I have finally taken the advice most often given to writers: carry around a notebook to record any thoughts or ah-ha moments, whenever you have them.

Now I scribble my ideas when I’m cooking dinner, sitting at work, or driving. (Yes, driving. I don’t write while the car is moving, though.) I know I must be the last writer on earth to start carrying around a notebook, but I never thought I needed one before.

Since I started NaNo, I’ve noticed my thoughts race the most when I’m getting ready for work, which is extremely frustrating. All I want to do is sit down and record the thoughts, but there’s so much chaos in my house between 6:45 am – 7:45 am that there’s no way I could flip open my laptop, boot it up, launch a browser, and type the bit of brilliance before I either forget what I was going to write or someone interrupts me with a plea to help her comb her hair or find her homework. So I’ve been squirreling away notes in an awkward, won’t-lie-flat pink notebook I got as a gift from someone. It’s small and fits nicely in my bag, but it always tries to close on my hand while I’m scrawling on the page. Annoying.

I just now stopped by the office supply cabinet in my building (shh) and weighed the pros and cons of the various notebook choices: spiral (large with narrow-rule), composition (medium with wide-rule), adorable mini yellow legal pad (small with even narrower rule). I settled on the composition book, one of those with the black marbled cover. I figure the cover will protect the pages when the notebook is in my bag, though the itty bitty legal pad is actually the size that would work best for carrying around.

I love how the composition book lies flat, and the cracking sound the binding makes when I open it. It reminds me of a journal I had in elementary school.


One response to “Brilliance to Go

  1. I keep my recorder handy, although for me it’s usually to get ideas down while I’m driving.