Well, that sucked

The other day – Sunday, I guess – I was really into my characters. They had just parted ways in San Jose: he went off to share a one-bedroom apartment in a crappy building with three other guys, and she got the keys to her furnished mauve-and-teal corporate studio where her only roommate was the cat she’d brought with her from Michigan. Their parting was kind of melancholy, as they had just completed their roadtrip and they’d enjoyed each other for the past 2,500 miles.

I figured that now, the words would flow easily as the main character wandered around, feeling sorry for herself and lonely, worrying that she’d made a mistake by coming to California, and by deciding to get a studio without any roommates to talk to.

But of course, the words did not flow easily. The dialog was horrific, every word that I typed was a cliche, and I started dreading every unwritten scene because I had no idea what the scene was going to be.

I guess this is the problem with Week Two. Maybe I’m going to have to shake things up with some sort of disaster. Something better happen soon, or I can see an earthquake in San Jose’s fictional future. (Kidding) (Kind of)


One response to “Well, that sucked

  1. I think that’s a good idea. Skip ahead to something else, and then perhaps you can back into the earlier scene.