Looking up

I realized that my character’s job – an intern technical writer – hits way too close to home (I mean, duh) and is putting me to sleep. How to get her out of this job? Or should she stay there and I’ll just drum up some after-hours debauchery? Her very cubicle description sent me into sleep mode, as I intended, I guess, but this is not going to keep me interested for long.

I thought about having her move to Santa Cruz. She could ditch the job and loaf with some guy she meets at Whole Foods. However, this goes against my personal code of conduct, and since the character is based on me … Then I thought she could run off to San Francisco with the long-term love interest who is wrong for her and fail at fitting into his artsy life. She could then return to the arms of the guy she’s supposed to be with. But with that plan, she’d probably have to ditch the job, too, unless she wants to ride Caltrain to the city every night after work. Possibly more boring than just having her keep that internship and working around the stale parts.

I should’ve chosen a career with racier potential – or at least something that isn’t so familiar to me that it pains me to write about it.


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