Ah, blogging

As I said before, I’m not into it. Last night’s post, at 11:59 pm, from my iPod Touch, in bed, was me trying not to give up on NaBloPoMo, which I did for the last two years with great success. I thought people who couldn’t post every day were kind of lame … but it’s just not important to me this time around.

In noveling news, I haven’t written since Tuesday. On Wednesday, I was depressed and I decided to watch what I thought was the last episode of Mad Men Season 1 on DVD. It turned out I had THREE episodes left, not just one episode, so it was like Christmas had come early. Then last night, I went to see some friends and got home only in time to watch The Office and 30 Rock on the DVR before falling asleep. Usually, I don’t let TV get in the way of writing, but I think I was suffering from a bit of burn out. I plan to write tonight.

I am not hugely concerned about hitting the 50K mark, but I do want to finish the story, no matter the word count, before Nov 30 or I’m afraid I won’t come back to it ever again.


One response to “Ah, blogging

  1. Wishing you the inspiration and motivation to finish the story – regardless of the wordcount. There’s still quite a few days in the month.