On second thought

It’s pretty bad. Should I start over?*

I am interested in the idea that we should begin stories with a bang rather than a trickling whimper, as my unofficial and unpaid writing coach Victoria suggests (link at left). As proof of how effective beginning with a bang can be, last night I was sucked into a Breaking Bad marathon on AMC. The season-one pilot opened with a guy in his underwear, wearing a gas mask, crashing an RV in the desert. He runs out into the road (still in his underwear) with a gun as the sound of sirens becomes louder and louder. Three episodes later, I only stopped watching because my DVR arbitrarily ceased recording and moved on to something else. Apparently it was unimpressed. But the whole season is available on iTunes, so I will resume watching tonight. All because of that first scene.

I want my story to start with the guy in the desert in his underwear, not with people sitting around a table in a conference room.

* I just discovered there is a NaNoEdMo challenge going on. I am considering signing up.


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