I love the new Facebook

I was tempted to add A BUNCH OF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to the title so it would match the comments I saw on the Facebook guy’s blog post.

People feel strongly about the new Facebook home page – and negatively. Maybe the negative people are the only ones commenting so far. But I have to believe that other people must feel as I do: this new Facebook is just what I’ve been waiting for. Specifically, now I can filter people’s posts. Goodbye, annoying lady who updates her status 65 times an hour and then comments on it (when no one else does). Post away!

I had already created “Friend Lists” to filter my outgoing content because I don’t need someone from my elementary school, with whom I haven’t spoken since 1985, knowing where I work or the ages of my children. By the same token, I’m not really interested in the COMMENTS!!! she makes on pictures of people’s cats or the 30,000 marshmallow Peeps she sends to her friends. Not that I have anything against Peeps (virtual or otherwise). With the new Facebook, I just click Hide and I’m free of the clutter.

And you are free to do the same to me, should you not care to read my boring “news” or see what I “throw” at my brother-in-law. Really, I don’t mind.


4 responses to “I love the new Facebook

  1. I must be doin it rong. It looks… the same to me?

  2. She Started It

    Oh, I’ve got to investigate this…

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