Please don’t ask me what’s for dinner

I hate this question more than any other question. And not because I don’t know what’s for dinner. I always do by this time of day and usually well before this time of day. But I don’t want to tell you what’s for dinner. I hate how, upon hearing the answer, you wrinkle up your nose and squint your eyes and say, “Oh.” As in, “Yuck.” As in, “How could you make that again?”

Preparing dinner is the most thankless task of all domestic work. You might think laundry is the most thankless, but at least when you do the laundry, no one wrinkles and squints and refuses to wear the clothes you’ve just washed.


One response to “Please don’t ask me what’s for dinner

  1. So true! And you’re lucky you get “oh” because I get “yuck” from at least one person every night.