Quick and Dirty Facebook Filtering Tips

Anjali linked to my post about loving the new Facebook and I wanted to follow up with super-brief instructions for filtering your incoming and outgoing news feed.

Filter Outgoing News

Subtitle: Hide Status Updates from Your Boss/Ex/Grandma/Weirdos

  1. Create friend lists.
    Using the Facebook Help topic What are Friend Lists?, create one or more lists. For example, I have categorized my friends into Hometown, College,  Local, and Family. If you want to keep things simple, you only need to create one list: an “exclude” group into which you’ll put everyone who should have the least access to your private information. On my exclude list, called Updates, I placed anyone I don’t know in real life or people with whom I’m not close friends.
  2. Edit your privacy settings.
    Go to Settings > Privacy Settings > Profile and select Only Friends for each item, as shown in the screen shot, then enter the name of your “exclude” group in the Except These People text box. Click Okay, then click Save Changes.Privacy Settings

You can test your new privacy settings by entering the name of a person from your exclude group in the See how a friend sees your profile text box at the top of the page.

Filter Incoming News

Subtitle: Hide the Status Updates of Annoying People.

The other side to this coin is hiding unwanted information that trickles in on your Facebook home page. If you have created Friend Lists, they will appear in the left sidebar on the new Facebook layout. You can click a Friend List to see only the status updates of that group. BUT this is not the best way to filter your view permanently.

See that status update from Irritating Person A? Hover over the update with your mouse until a gray X appears to the right of the item. Click the X to hide that person’s info from your news feed.Hide

If you want to see the person’s updates later, when they are less annoying, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and select See Hidden Friends. From there, you can re-add the person to your news feed. (That’s my brother, by the way, in the screen shot. And no, I don’t hide his updates. Really! I don’t.)

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