“What Color Are You?” — Alert: I don’t care

Good news, everyone: now you can hide applications in your Facebook news feed.

I wrote about hiding friends from your Facebook feed. The missing piece was (among other things) being able to hide applications. If you have a lot of friends with time on their hands, your feed is probably full of Marshmallow Peeps, quizzes about the 5 beers/books/movies/bands your friends most enjoy, and hilarious anecdotes about the ideal porn names of people you haven’t seen since kindergarten.

Among the applications that no longer appear in my feed:

  • What Color are You?
  • Hug Me
  • What Color Represents You? (Apparently this is a different quiz than What Color are You.)
  • What Muppet are You?
  • How Good are You in Bed? (That’s really an application and someone on my list actually used it. And he’s a family member. But luckily, not by blood.)
  • Who Would be Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

To hide applications, click the Hide drop-down menu to the right of the offending app, just as you would to hide a friend, and select Hide [Name of App]. The Hide menu still allows  you to hide friends.

Bring on the Marshmallow Peeps! I can handle it.


One response to ““What Color Are You?” — Alert: I don’t care

  1. kimberlyfoley

    Thanks for that post! I have a friend who is overly fond of sending me “Sexy Man Slaves”. I don’t mind quietly accepting these things through the app itself, but hate to have it plastered all over the place for my children and God and everybody to see.