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Inappropriate Love Scene Terminology Tuesday

You should be familiar by now with my hatred of The Russian Concubine. Unfortunately — but not unexpectedly — the novel includes several “love scenes.” One of these “love scenes” contained a word so offensive, so inappropriate, that it deserves its own blog post.

Spoiler alert: sometime in the last 1/4 of the story, the non-concubine Russian girl and the non-concubine Chinese guy have sex. The scene is repulsive from many angles. For one thing, just three days before, the Russian girl had dragged the Chinese guy out of a roofless hovel, where he was covered in maggots and minutes from death. Three days before. Hardly time enough to get over the maggot factor, but even if the girl could push that image from her mind, the man probably should have spent his scant resources on building enough strength to run from bad guys — or walk to the bathroom.

At some point during the gruesome and improbable love scene, the author describes one of the girl’s movements. The word she chooses: bucked.

Here is where I submit that one should never buck during a love scene.