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Not happening

The script thing, it’s so not happening.

Sometimes in the past, when I joined challenges like NaBloPoMo and NaNoWriMo, I experienced unbridled rage and irritation when idiots posted on day 2 or day 3 or even day 10 that they were giving up. How hard can it be? I cried. Now I’m one of those idiots.

I’d like to say, “I’ve been so busy at work. After writing all day, I just want to veg out, not spend my evening writing for ‘fun.’ I want to watch American Idol and drink 2 Buck Chuck from the bottle. What are you looking at!”

But the fact is, I don’t watch American Idol and I always drink wine from a glass. I’m just not into writing scripts, I think. Or maybe my brain is actually drained after 8 hours of sitting at my desk trying to figure out hard stuff that I’m paid to write about. Whatever the reason, as of April 2, I have written zero pages for Script Frenzy and I can’t see that number increasing in the next 12 hours.

Talk to me again Monday. Maybe this weekend I will have a burst of script-writing energy and the game will be back on.


Frenzy Trial Run

I gave script-writing a try last night. I used Zhura to write a scene taken from real life: sitting in a waiting room during my kids’ guitar lessons.

As an aside, the building where they have lessons seems to be a former doctor’s office, with a corresponding waiting room. Weird. So rather than explain this weirdness in my script, I just called it a doctor’s office. This meant I had to omit the soundtrack of the 4-year-old singing class in the room to my right: one hour of preschoolers wielding umbrellas, belting out “I’m SIIINNNNGGGGGGGIN’ IN THE RAIN!”

My script-writing experiment was almost as painful as that hour in the waiting room. The scene was so clear in my head, but the process of designating every paragraph as dialogue, parenthetical, or action wore thin. And since I am a rule-follower, I was distracted from my vision by wondering if I was doing something wrong: “Is it OK to put action here? Is that parenthetical too long? Do I need to be so specific about what WOMAN 1 is doing with her hands?”

I’ll try again. But I feel like I am in over my head.