The problem is, I’m a delicate genius

For me to work on my novel, I must be uninterrupted. No IMs, no emails, no husband popping in to see when I’ll be done writing, no kid looking over my shoulder. Circumstances need to be perfect. This means it is hard to work on NaNo unless I am perfectly isolated. Sometimes I use ear plugs. I sit in a chair with my back to the wall so no one can walk up behind me and see what I am writing. I turn off my IM client and close my Gmail window.

Right now, it is after midnight and we are at our cabin. It is a four-room log house with zero privacy. I rarely stay up this late in my regular life, but this weekend, I need to sneak in alone time to write whenever I can. While we have no TV here, we do have Internet and plenty of other distractions – copious liquor, board games by the dozens, and stacks of books waiting to be read. It is going to be challenging, but I hope to stay on track.


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